4th Great Grandparents David and wife Margaret Brent Thomas

David Thomas

Born: Mason County, KY – 1786

Died: Michigan City, Clinton, IN – 14 Sep 1848

Father: Ephraim Thomas

Mother: Elizabeth Thomas


Margaret Ann Brent Thomas

Born: Virginia – 1786

Died: Clinton County, IN – After 1848

Father: William Brent

Mother: Unknown


David Thomas was born in Mason County Kentucky about 1786. His father Ephraim was 22 years old and his mother Elizabeth was 26 years old.

Margaret Brent was born in Virginia about 1786 and it is believed that her father’s name was William Brent as he was listed as attending Margaret and David’s wedding in Kentucky.

David Thomas and Margaret Ann Brent were married in Fayette County, Kentucky on December 27, 1803. They were both 17 years old and had their parent’s permission. Phineas Thomas, probably David’s uncle  born in 1771, was listed as the witness. David’s parents were listed as Ephraim and Elizabeth Thomas. The other household members included William Brent who was probably Margaret’s father giving his permission for her to marry. The Thomas family was living near Salt Lick, Mason County as noted in the comment section.


David and Margaret had 10 children:

Ephraim Balem, born 1805, Mason County KY, died about 1870, Richland County, WI

Charles William, born 1809, Mason County KY, died

William John, born 1809, Mason County KY, died

Albert R, born 1812 Mason County KY, died

Usibious, born 1815 Mason County KY, died

George, born 1818 Indiana, died 1891 Clinton County IN

Elizabeth, born 1820, Indiana, died 1847 date and location unknown

Perry, born 1827 Indiana, death date and location unknown

David Jackson, born 1828 Indiana, died 1878 Missouri

Sarah Ann, born 1830 Indiana, died 1879, Arkansas


In 1815, David’s parents, Ephraim and Elizabeth registered a quarter section of land in Wayne County, Indiana on August 3, 1815 in Wayne County through the land office in Cincinnati, Ohio. The description was NW ¼ of Section 1, Township14, North of Range 13, East of Second Principal Meridian. This land was located on the east fork of the Whitewater River and the purchase price was $2.00 per acre. Ephraim had 4 years to complete payment. The patent deed was issued to Ephraim on May 6, 1819 

David registered the 160 acres to the east, NE ¼ of Section 1 on Dec 27, 1816. (See the drawings of this land below – copied from “A Trace of Thomas” by Mabel Dodele, page 42.

It is presumed that David and Margaret moved to Wayne County Indiana in 1815 or 1816 and the last 5 children were born there.

Little is known about David and Margaret for the next 30 years until he wrote his will in Clinton County Indiana on August 10, 1847. When did David and family move the 115 Miles northwest from Wayne County to Clinton County?

David Thomas died in or near Michigan City, Clinton County, Indiana on September 14, 1848. Margaret Ann Thomas was listed in David’s will and presumably was still alive when he died. 


A great deal of the information here has been taken from two sources. I greatly appreciate the hard work and efforts of the two women who worked to uncover the stories and put them in print.

 “The Thomas Family History” by Mabel M. Dodele. Publisher M.M. Dodele, 1984. Mabel Thomas Dodele’s 4th great grandfather was Phineas Thomas, born in Wales in 1739.

A Trace of Thomas” - First Edition, 1992 - was compiled by Lisa Kremer, whose 6th great grandfather was Phineas Thomas, born in Wales in 1739

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