The Thomas surname covers 7 generations of my ancestors beginning with my 6th great grandfather Phineas Thomas who was born in Wales about 1739. There are several sources that are clear that Phineas was born and raised in Wales. The Thomas surname is quite common in Wales and it may be impossible to uncover additional generations prior to Phineas. We will probably never know the reason he left Wales and emigrated to America. 

The last of my ancestors to be born a Thomas was my very special grandmother, Maude Isabelle Thomas, who was born in Carthage, SD on July 21, 1892.

Below are links to biographies of each Thomas ancestor beginning with Phineas, followed by his son Ephraim, followed by his son David, followed by his son Ephraim Balem etc. 

Phineas Thomas and his wife Elizabeth - about 1739 to 1790

Ephraim Thomas and his wife Elizabeth - about 1764 to 1845

David Thomas and his wife Margaret Brent - about 1786 to 1848

Ephraim Balem Thomas and his wife Sarah Mathena Edwards - about 1804 to 1870

Solomon Scott Thomas and his wife Martha Ann Clark - about 1827 to 1916

William Clinton Thomas and his wife Anna Mary Johnson - about 1859 to 1943

Maude Isabelle Thomas Murray  - 1892 to 1985 

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