Peter Johnson

Born: Belgium – 13 Aug 1828

Died: Carthage, SD – 8 Nov 1896

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Spouse: Cynthia Aleatha Gloyd Johnson

Great Great Grandfather Peter Francis Johnson

Peter was born in Belgium in 1828.  According to his granddaughter, Maude Thomas Murray, Peter changed his last name when he came to settle in Michigan becasue it was a very strange name. Maude could not remember her grandfathers actual name. 

The family story is that Peter went to Canada first and then at some later time, took a ship to Michigan that sank during a Lake Michigan storm and Peter floated to the Michigan shore by hanging on to a whisky barrel.

Peter bought 160 acres in Weare Township, Oceana County, Michigan on July 20, 1864 and he married Cynthia Gloyd on November 23, 1865. They had five children while living in Michigan. Charles born in 1866, Anna Mary born in 1869, Laura born in 1870, John Martin born in 1876 and Ruth born in 1878. There may certainly have been other children born during those years that did not live to be recorded.

Peter homesteaded 160 in Miner County, South Dakota on August 8, 1889, an additional 108 acres in Miner County, December 3, 1890, and another 160 acres, also in Miner County, on June 19, 1893. 

During those years in South Dakota Peter and Cynthia Johnson had three more children: Frank Peter was born in January 1881, Elizabeth was born in 1883 and son, Bertis Arthur was born in 1886.

Peter died on November 8, 1896 and the whereabouts of his grave is unknown.

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