Martha Clark Thomas

Born: Indiana – 4 Mar 1832 or 1833

Died: West Lima, WI – 26 Mar 1872

Father: Jeremiah Clark

Mother: Catherine Kitchel Clark

Spouse: Solomon Scott Thomas

Great Great Grandmother Martha Ann Clark Thomas

Martha Ann Clark was born March 4, 1832 in Indiana, most likely in Fayette County. Some records have her born in 1833. Her father Jeremiah Clark was age 38 and mother, Catharine Kitchel Clark was age 30 when Martha was born.

Her father Jeremiah Clark died in 1841 and in 1845 her mother moved the family from Fayette County Indiana to Johnson Township in Clinton County Indiana. 

It was in Clinton County that Martha met Solomon Scott Thomas and they were married on July 21, 1848. Solomon was 21 years old and Martha Ann Clark was only 16 or 17 years old assuming a birthdate of 1832 or 1833. 

MARRIAGE: Record found in Indiana Marriage Records

Indiana Marriage Collection, 1800-1941 

Name: Solomon S. Thomas 

Spouse Name: Martha Ann Clarke 

Marriage Date: 21 Jul 1848 

Marriage County: Clinton 

Book: Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT 

OS Page: 1266732 - 1266733 


Solomon and Martha had 12 children together:

Andrew Jackson, born 18 Jul 1849 in Indiana - died 27 Sep 1878 in Wisconsin

Nancy Ellen, born 14 Mar 1851 in Indiana - died 7 Dec 1945 in Washington

Thomas, born 17 Aug 1853 in Indiana - died 17 Aug 1853 in Indiana

Moses Kitchel, born 15 Apr 1855 in Indiana - died 11 Dec 1929 in Wisconsin

Francis Marion, born 2 Jun 1857 in Wisconsin - died 22 Jul 1951 in Montana

William Clinton, my great grandfather, born 23 Apr 1859 in Wisconsin - died 14 Nov 1943 in California

Sarah Catherine, born 17 Jun 1861 in Wisconsin - died 1864 in Wisconsin

George Benjamin, born 11 Jan 1863 in Wisconsin - died 19 Jun 1949, South Dakota

Samantha Everett, born 27 May 1865 in Wisconsin - died 28 Oct 1945 in Canada

Thomas Monroe, born 18 Mar 1868 in Wisconsin - died 19 Jan 1934 in South Dakota

Martha Emaline, born 4 Jan 1870 in Wisconsin - died 6 Jun 1949 in California

Solomon Winename, born 24 Mar 1872 in Wisconsin - died 16 May 1953 in South Dakota


Sometime, probably late in 1855, Solomon and Martha Thomas and their family moved to West Lima, Wisconsin. The obituary for Moses Kitchel Thomas claims they moved to West Lima when he was 6 months old and his brother Francis Marion was born in West Lima, Wisconsin in 1857 and William Clinton was born in West Lima in 1859. There were several members of the Thomas family living in Richland County Wisconsin in the late 1850’s and 1860’s. The 1860 census for Forest Township, Richland County, Wisconsin included Solomon’s parents, Ephraim and Sally on page 7, brother Charles on page 6, sisters Margaret Barnett, Nancy Hopkins and Susan Hopkins all on page 7.

Our Solomon Scott Thomas and Martha Ann were not to be found in the 1860 census for Richland County. There was a Solomon Thomas and wife Fanny with several children listed but this is not our Thomas line. 

Solomon Scott Thomas is known to have purchased 40 acres of land in Richland County, Wisconsin on April 2, 1860 and is listed on the 1860 Agricultural Census of Forest, Richland County, Wisconsin.


Solomon was in the Union Army and was mustered out on June 12, 1865 and returned home to Wisconsin. Solomon and Martha farmed and raised kids in Wisconsin for the following seven peaceful years. On the 1870 census Solomon and Martha are farming near Stark, Wisconsin in the county of Vernon with 9 children living at home. Two of their children had died.

Their last child, Solomon Winename, was born March 24, 1872 in West Lima, Wisconsin. Martha Ann died two days later most probably of complications from the birth.

Lisa Kremer wrote this excerpt:

“Martha died in 1872. We know this because Solomon and Martha’s last child Solomon was born on March 24, 1872, and he (re)married in December of that same year. Considering that he remarried in such a brief time, I believe that Martha quite possibly died in childbirth.”

Martha died March 26, 1872 and according to a Find A Grave record is buried in the West Lima Cemetery just north of West Lima, Wisconsin. 


The following is concerning Martha Ann Clark Thomas, as quoted from a letter written June 9, 1984 by Miss Loree Jellis, a great granddaughter of Martha Ann Clark Thomas, to Delbert and Rose McClain shared by Charles McClain. Miss Jellis remembered what her mother, Nancy Ellen Thomas, had to say about Martha Ann Clark Thomas.

"She was a good woman and she worked hard. Grandma (Nancy Ellen Thomas) could remember when her mother cooked on a fireplace. She spun thread (I think from home grown flax) and wove linen cloth. She knit stockings. She did the family’s sewing by hand. I don’t know what all to say she did, but she was too busy to take complete care of her large family of children. Grandma had to take a large part of the care of the younger children. She carried a baby on her hip so much that she grew to lean a little to one side. A neighbor called Grandmas mother’s attention to this, and she stopped grandma from carrying the babies that way. Martha died of complications of childbirth. 


A great deal of the information here has been taken from two sources. I greatly appreciate the hard work and efforts of Mabel Dodele and Lisa Kremer who worked to uncover the stories and put them in print.

 “The Thomas Family History” by Mabel M. Dodele. Publisher M.M. Dodele, 1984. Mabel Thomas Dodele’s 4th great grandfather was Phineas Thomas, born in Wales in 1739.

A Trace of Thomas” - First Edition, 1992 - was compiled by Lisa Kremer, whose 6th great grandfather was Phineas Thomas, born in Wales in 1739.

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