Lois Hintermeister

Born: Huron, SD – 18 Oct 1914

Died: Fulda, MN – 14 Aug 2015

Father: Charles Henry Murray

Mother: Maude Thomas Murray

Spouse: Larry Rode Hintermeister

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Lois Murray Hintermeister

My mother was was born Lois Lucille Murray on October 14, 2014. She had a long life of 100 years and 10 months. I will be doing my best to write a biography for my Mom and post it here in the near future. 

I believe there are 88 photos in Lois' photo album. Most are of her as she lived her life and a few are the places that she lived.  I have attempted to put them in chronologic order.  I had to guess when some of the photos were taken as few of them had dates or names written on the back of the photos.  

Enjoy her photos and let me know if you have comments about any of them.

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