Joseph Murrays Parents

Joseph’s father: Unknown

Born: Unknown

Died: Ridott, IL – in the mid 1850’s

Joseph’s mother: Unknown

Born: Unknown

Died: Ridott, IL – about 1862

Great Great Grandparents - the parents of Joseph Sylvester Murray

Very little is known about Joseph’s father or mother. His father is said to have been Scotch and Irish and died when Joseph was very young, probably when he was a baby in the mid-1850’s. According to the History of Ridott Township, cholera came to the area in 1852 and remained a problem for nearly 6 years. It is possible that cholera could be the cause of death of Joseph’s father. According to great grandson LeRoy Murray, Joseph’s father had relatives in Iowa. He was also said to be able to speak several languages. I suspect this photo is Joseph’s father in the 1850’s.

Joseph’s mother is said to be of Italian descent and was in poor health and bonded her son out to the Samuel Lamb family of Ridott. Joseph’s mother died in Ridott, Illinois when Joseph was about 9 years old in 1862 or 1863.

Samuel and Lettice Lamb had both been orphans and perhaps this caused them to bring Joseph into their family. They had two children of their own, William T. and Mary C. Lamb. Joseph was raised as a part of the Lamb family and learned to be a farmer and a good judge of horses. Joseph stayed with the Lamb family until he married at the age of 29.

The two photos (below) of Joseph and his mother may have been taken the same day. The backs of both photos are identical: Photographer Wm Kasten, 37 Stephenson St, Freeport, IL. My guess is that they were taken in the early 1860’s shortly before Joseph’s mother died.

1861? -05-Joseph S Murray
1861?-09-Joseph Murray's Mother


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