Cynthia Gloyd Johnson

Born: Leonidas, MI – 18 Feb 1846

Died: Huron, SD – 22 Aug 1919

Father: Martin Gloyd 

Mother: Laura R Banning Gloyd

Spouse: Peter Johnson

Great Great Grandmother Cynthia Aleatha Gloyd Johnson

Cynthia was born in Leonidas Township, St Joseph County, Michigan in 1846 and was living in Colon, St Joseph County, Michigan in 1860. She married Peter Johnson November 23, 1865 and they had five children while living in Michigan. Charles born in 1866, Anna Mary born in 1869, Laura born in 1870, John Martin born in 1876 and Ruth born in 1878. There may certainly have been other children born during those years that did not live to be recorded.

Peter and Cynthia Johnson and family moved to Kingsbury County, South Dakota in 1879 or 1880 as Frank Peter Johnson was born there in January 1881. Elizabeth was born in nearby Lake County in 1883 and son, Bertis Arthur was born in Carthage, Miner County, South Dakota in 1886.

Cynthia and Peter homesteaded and bought several pieces of farm land in South Dakota. Peter died in 1896. Cynthia was living with two of her sons in 1910 and with her daughter in Huron, SD in 1918. She died in Huron Aug 22, 1919 and according to the Undertaker, was buried in or near Carthage, SD. The exact location is unknown.

The following two photos were taken in about 1918 when Cynthia was 72 years old. Her great-great granddaughter Lois Murray was about 4 years old. Her granddaughter, Maude was 26 and her daughter Anna Thomas was 49 years old and standing behind Cynthia.

1918 - 4 generations – no border

This black and white photo shows Lois in between her mother, Maude and her grandmother Anna with great grandmother Cynthia in the rocker.

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