Hans Jakob Hintermeister

Born: Dietlikon, Germany – 21 Nov 1811

Died: Unknown

Father: Johannes Hintermeister

Mother: Dorothea Hinnen Hintermeister

Spouse: Anna Meyer Hintermeister

Great Great Grandfather Hans Jakob Hintermeister **

My 2nd great grandfather Hans Jakob Hintermeister was born in Dietlikon in Zürich Canton, Switzerland Nov. 21, 1811.  He married Anna Meyer who was born in nearby Seebach Switzerland, also in Zürich Canton.

Hans and Anna probably had many children but I only have records of three of them.

Johann Gustav - born July 22, 1843 in Dietlikon, Switzerland, died Feb. 23, 1844

Anna Bertha - born May 16, 1845 in Dietlikon, Switzerland

Johann Gustav - born March 30, 1852 in Dietlikon, Switzerland

Hans Hintermeister’s death is unknown. Anna Meyer died about 1859 in Dietlikon, Switzerland.

** The research for all the Hintermeister ancestors in Switzerland was done by David Hintermeister of Preemption, Illinois in the 1980’s with help of a distant cousin who lived in Switzerland. David Hintermeister was my Dad’s first cousin and organized a great Hintermeister family reunion in Preemption, Illinois in 1988.

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