Anthony Rode

Born: Geneseo, IL – 9 Apr 1859

Died: Bakersfield, CA – 6 Mar 1944

Father: Ernst Ludwig Hermann Rode

Mother: Margaret Salter Rode

Spouse: Mary Noble Ellis Rode

Great Grandfather Anthony Rode

Anthony Rode was born in Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois on April 9, 1859. He was the third of seven children. His parents, Ernst and Margaret were 29 and 25 when he was born. By 1870 they were living in Moline Township, Rock Island County, Illinois. 

He married Mary Noble Ellis on December 24, 1883 in Rock Island, Illinois. They had six daughters with five of them living long lives. 

March 1893 - According to Irene Rode Hazelbaker, her Papa had saved enough from his years of coal mining to buy his first farm. It was a 72-acre piece of ground 3-3/4 miles southeast of Cable, facing the south and running to the Edwards River on the north. 

Feb 1902 - Irene Rode wrote that her Papa bought a farm one mile north and 1/2 mile west of town - a square 160 acres with a small creek running thru it from past the middle of the west side to the northwest corner.

Sept 23, 1904 - Wife Mary dies in Edgington, Rock Island County, Illinois.

1905 Land Ownership - Anthony Rode and Gustav Hintermeister each owned farms near Edginton, IL in 1905. Anthony in the center of #72 and Gustav in the upper center of #71. Godfrey Schneider has 158 acres on the west edge of Taylor Ridge. Godfrey's sister Anna married Gustav.

31 Jan 1910 - GGpa Anthony arrived in Grangeville with four daughters. Luella 12, Irene 8, May 7, and Reta 4 stayed at a hotel for a couple of nights before moving into their new home.

Anthony Rode lived in Idaho and listed his occupation as 'farmer'. 4 of his 5 daughters (all single) lived with him. Luella 22, Irene listed as Eva I 20, May E 18, Margaret R 14. Eva was a rural school 

April 1, 1940 - Anthony was living in the 3rd Township of Kern County, CA in the home of his daughter Luella and her husband Lara Cross.

Anthony died March 26, 1944 in Bakersfield, California and was buried in the Greenlawn Memorial Park in Bakersfield.

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